I've submitted my offer, now what?

After submitting your offer you will receive an email confirmation. The retailer will make a decision and you will receive another email in the next 24 hours with the outcome!

That sounds simple, so how will I know if my offer has been accepted?

You will be immediately notified by email when your offer is accepted. You can also view all of your pending/accepted/rejected offers on your personal dashboard. You will only have 48 hours to purchase an accepted offer.

A product at my price? That's awesome! But what if my offer is rejected?

If your offer is not accepted, it will be clearly stated in the second email you receive. The offer will also represent itself in the ‘rejected’ tab of your personalized dashboard. You will be able to revise your offer through the dashboard or email and increase the likelihood of having the offer accepted!

What if my product has sold out after making an offer?

Making an offer doesn't guarantee the item is yours straight away - remember that there are other online users shopping away who might snatch the item before you! So the best thing you can do is act! Once you find your desired product, be sure to click the make an offer button right away!

What can I do to increase the chances of my offer being accepted?

Simple, just submit a higher bid. Retailers will see all the bids on their products but will choose the highest offers.
Also, keep your offer counter high! Retailers are more likely to accept an offer when your offer counter is higher

How do I checkout with my accepted offers?

Method 1:
Go to the 'accepted tab' in your personalised dashboard all accepted offers will be ready for checkout (deselect a product if you do not wish to purchase it). Click the checkout button and you will be redirected to the retailer's payment page with the agreed upon price already applied!

Method 2:
Go to the retailer's website and add one or all of the products which have had an offer accepted. Go to 'checkout' page and click 'apply Oaklas'. You will be prompted to add all other accepted offers to the cart. Then complete the transaction!

Why can't I make more offers?

If you have run out of your offer quota (which is represented in the offer counter), you will likely have offers pending. Once an accepted offer has been purchased or the offer has been rejected, your quota will increase again.

Why have an offer quota?

In order to protect the integrity of the retailers, a system has been implemented which rewards those who complete purchases and penalizes those who do not.

Every purchase will increase your offer count by one. Every time you let an accepted offer expire, it will reduce the offer count by one.
Offers should show intent to purchase. We want to encourage people to complete a purchase when a retailer agrees to YOUR price.

What is my offer counter?

Your offer counter reflects how many offers you can make at a time.

Who cares about my offer counter?!

The retailers do and you should too! Retailers are more likely to accept an offer from a customer with a higher offer counter because it shows that the customer is more likely to purchase the product. As a customer, a higher offer counter also allows you to make more offers to more retailers at any given time!

The 'Make Offer' button won't work?!?!

If your offer counter isn't empty and the button will not work, try a hard refresh and clearing your cache. If the problem persists, please contact us and we will happily assist you!

For issues or inquiries contact the Oaklas team at info@oaklas.com