Great, so I've submitted my offer, now what?

Congratulations you're one step closer to purchasing the product at your price! After submitting your offer you will receive an email confirmation. Your offer has been received by the retailer to make a decision. Within 24 hours you will receive a second email from Oaklas with the outcome of your offer.

That sounds simple, so how will I know if my offer has been accepted?

The second email will congratulate you with "your offer has been accepted", along with a unique code for you to enter at the checkout on the retailer's online store. This unique code is valid for 24 hours so to guarantee the product at your price, be sure to use it sooner rather than later!

A product at my price? That's awesome! But what if my offer is declined?

If your offer is not accepted, it will be clearly stated in the second email you receive. The great thing is that you will have the opportunity to revise your offer and increase the likelihood of acceptance - which means purchasing the product at your price! Remember to make an offer realistic and fair.

What do I do if my code does not work?

It's unlikely, but if your unique code does not work it's probably a glitch. If it happens, simply send an email stating your name along with the retailer, the product and your price offer, to info@oaklas.com. A team member will contact you shortly to help.

What if my product has sold out after making an offer?

Making an offer doesn't guarantee the item is yours straight away - remember that there are other online users shopping away who might snatch the item before you! So the best thing you can do is act! Once you find your desired product, be sure to click the make an offer button right away!

What can I do to increase the chances of my offer being accepted?

Simple, just submit a higher bid. Retailers will see all the bids on their products but will choose the highest offers.

For issues or inquiries contact the Oaklas team at info@oaklas.com