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Oaklas started in 2017 with the aim of building a better way for consumers
and retailers to communicate on price. Technology has transformed the way
we shop online, but the importance for merchants to connect with their
customers has not changed.

Our mission is to make online shopping an easy and empowering experience
by improving traditional pricing structures. Oaklas provides a pricing solution
that allows consumers to make an offer on the price products.

We take away the time-consuming task of searching for deals and waiting for
products to finally go on sale. With Oaklas integration, consumers can take
immediate action on products by offering an alternative price to the retailer.

Oaklas empower consumers to shop smarter online so they no longer miss
out on items they want. For retailers, we offer a way to better understand
consumer intent and expectations when it comes to price, turning potential
buyers into profitable sales.

We ensure the entire process is smooth, simple, and safe.

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